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Evaluation of WRF Cumulus Parameterization Schemes for the Hot Climate of Sudan Emphasizing Crop Growing Seasons

The study evaluates the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model's cumulus parameterization schemes for Sudan's climate, particularly focusing on the crop growing seasons. It compares the Betts–Miller–Janjic (BMJ), improved Kain–Fritch (KFT), modified Tiedtke (TDK), and …

02 Apr 2022 Read More
Relationship of irrigated wheat yield with temperature in hot environments of Sudan

This comprehensive study reveals significant upward trends in both annual and seasonal temperatures across Sudan, with a notable increase in nighttime temperatures in the northern region. This warming trend negatively affects wheat yields, particularly during …

18 Jun 2021 Read More
Drought conditions and management strategies in Sudan

Sudan faces critical challenges due to severe droughts, impacting agriculture, food security, and leading to displacement and conflicts. With historical droughts devastating the region, the need for robust drought management strategies is evident. This includes …

07 Feb 2010 Read More