Weather forecasting

Our weather forecasting services

Our weather forecasting services

Sudan Meteorological Authority (SMA) provides real-time weather updates and accurate weather forecasts to enable you navigate daily activities with confidence. Our weather products are produced on a daily, two days and 10 days scales to allow you prepare for weather events accordingly. Our comprehensive weather reports provide insights into the wind, dust, heat and rainfall conditions in the different parts of the country.

What we do
Daily services

Experience reliable daily weather forecasts from the Sudanese Meteorological Authority, offering detailed insights into temperature variations and wind activities across the country. Our daily forecast products contain information on;

  • Wind
  • Rising sand
  • Thunderstorm
  • Rainfall
  • Heat waves and cold waves
  • Maximum and minimum temperature

Dekadal services

Stay informed with our 10 days weather forecasts, delivering a detailed 10-day outlook on Sudan's weather conditions, including temperature fluctuations and precipitation probabilities.

  • Dekadal normal maximum temperature
  • Dekadal maximum temperature
  • Dekadal normal minimum temperature
  • Dekadal minimum temperature

Impact based forecast

SMA's new impact-based forecasts available in three-day and five-day formats, highlight risks to the population and infrastructure and provide key insights for managing emergency response.

  • Severe rainfall
  • High temperatures
  • Strong winds
  • Cumulated rain map for the next three days
  • Maximum temperature and wind maps for the next three days
  • Floods

Warning services

We issue alerts in response to extreme weather conditions, with the primary goal of safeguarding the population against potential risks. Our alerts cover a range of weather phenomena, including:

  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Heatwaves
  • Dust Storms
  • Thunderstorms

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