Our Climate Services

Our Climate Services

Our climate services at the Sudan Meteorological Authority offer insights into the future development of weather patterns. By analyzing long-term patterns and trends, we equip the public, policymakers and researchers with the data necessary for climate-resilient decision-making. Embrace the power of foresight with our climate projections and assessments.

What we do
Monthly forecast

Our monthly weather forecasts offer a long-term view of Sudan's weather, highlighting expected temperature ranges and weather patterns for effective planning and preparedness.

Seasonal forecast

Our Seasonal Forecast service provides vital information on expected weather conditions for upcoming months. It's designed to help farmers, businesses, and communities in Sudan plan effectively. Stay updated with our forecasts to make informed decisions based on expected temperature trends, rainfall probabilities, and potential extreme weather events.

Annual Weather

Explore comprehensive Annual Weather reports for Sudan, featuring detailed analyses of the past year's climate trends. Our reports cover temperature variations, rainfall patterns, and significant weather events, offering valuable insights for environmental researchers, policymakers, and anyone interested in Sudan's climate dynamics.

Five-Year Rain Bulletin

The Five-Year Rain Bulletin offers an in-depth analysis of Sudan's rainfall patterns over five years. This service is crucial for agricultural planning, water resource management, and understanding long-term climatic shifts. Access historical data, trend analysis, and predictive insights to strategize for sustainable water usage and crop planning.

Decennial Forecast

Our Decennial Forecast Service provides a long-term climate outlook for Sudan, crucial for infrastructure development, long-term agricultural planning, and environmental conservation. It includes predictions on temperature trends, rainfall estimates, and potential climate risks over the next decade, aiding in strategic planning and risk management.

  • Decennial thermal bulletin
  • Decennial rain bulletin

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